Ideal for all commercial applications.
Hospitals, offices and other public buildings.

MonFlex’s precabled conduit solution is ideal for large construction sites. By completing installations more quickly and economically, MonFlex lets you work on more sites per year and makes your tenders more competitive.

With MonFlex precabled conduits, installation becomes faster and more efficient, helping you to respect deadlines without delay. Reduced labour requirements also mean greater efficiency and significant cost savings for your projects. With MonFlex, you can complete even the largest and most challenging projects in less time, take on new work and be more competitive.

Safety is a top priority. Because MonFlex conduits are halogen-free and do not produce toxic fumes, they offer greater protection in the event of a fire. They are also self-extinguishing and guarantee maximum safety in crowded buildings.

Choosing MonFlex for large public projects means rapid and efficient installation, reduced labour and higher safety standards. Our advanced technology will transform your electrical installation experience in large urban regeneration projects. Contact us today to discover how MonFlex can take your public projects to the next level.

Compatible with all construction techniques. Masonry, concrete, drywall and timber.


MONFLEX™ is ideal for use in public places visited by high numbers of people. In addition to being made of self-extinguishing and flame-retardant material, the conduit will not give off any halogen gas hazardous to health in the event of fire, neither will it produce smoke liable to reduce visibility during an evacuation.

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