Ideal for all civil applications.
Family homes, residences and small offices.

MonFlex offers numerous benefits in civil electrical installations. The use of precabled conduits dramatically speeds up installation, saving valuable time and helping to respect delivery dates. Precabled conduits also significantly reduce labour, improving efficiency and cutting project costs, all to the installer’s advantage.

Safety is a top priority for MonFlex. Conduits are designed to ensure maximum safety in the event of a fire. They are made from self-extinguishing polypropylene. Thanks to the absence of halogen and toxic fumes, they allow premises to be evacuated safely and without risk to health.

MonFlex’s versatility allows it to be used in all kinds of civil applications, including family homes, residences and offices. It is fully compatible with traditional walls, drywall and concrete and offers a reliable, superior quality solution for all projects.

Choosing MonFlex for civil applications means more rapid installation, less labour, higher safety standards and respect for the environment. We look forward to supplying you with our latest technology for a better electrical installation experience. Contact us today to learn more about MonFlex and how it can help your electrical projects succeed.

Compatible with all construction techniques. Masonry, concrete, drywall and timber.

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